The case statement improve business ability

recently, according to the city’s labor inspection two net work arrangements, assigned to the city I District 5 Supervision workers, because the new staff were not engaged in labor supervision work, in order to improve the supervision coordination policy theory level and ruling ability, as soon as possible to help them familiar with the supervision work, the District People Club Bureau of supervision of arbitration the office will organize training held open up a fresh outlook of study will, through the analysis of typical cases to explain the labor dispute, a vivid and detailed interpretation to the staff of the "labor contract law", "Labor Contract Law Implementation Regulations", "labor dispute mediation and Arbitration Law" of the legislative background, legislative purpose, basic principles and the core idea. And guide everyone to take place in the side of the case for in-depth analysis. Participants on the case dealt with their respective views on the use of the law has a deeper understanding of the terms. Deputy director of

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