Xining five years of education investment of 5 billion 500 million yuan in urban and rural condition

education funds each year more than 1 billion yuan, investment in education funding policy hitherto unknown; comprehensive cash benefit students covering both urban and rural areas; education layout structure optimization, realize the comprehensive promotion of quality education…… Five years into the education of $5 billion 500 million, which is the implementation of the Xining municipal education projects up to five years, is the most obvious improvement of urban and rural school conditions for the past five years.


12th Five-Year" period, in support of the provincial government, Xining city for the implementation of the layout adjustment, and relates to the standardization of school construction, school safety project, renovation project, the rural junior middle school preschool education, occupation education, comprehensive reform thin 9 categories of more than and 410 projects. 2014 investment of 1 billion 960 million yuan over the total investment in the city’s educational infrastructure during the period of 11th Five-Year.

through education layout adjustment, Xining city education formed in each direction by a key senior middle school as a leader, 1 – 2 ordinary schools as support, increasing the intensity of each regional high school at the beginning of separation, construction and reconstruction of some standardized school based resource allocation system. Three counties each county formed a demonstrative high school as a leader, township middle school, village primary school architecture for resource allocation pattern.

the number of schools at all levels in the city by 793 in 2009 to reduce the number of new, expansion and expansion of the school building of 2 million 520 thousand square meters, the elimination of class D dangerous area of 720 thousand square meters, the new school building area of nearly 500 thousand square meters. At present, the standard chemical calibration rate reaches 70%. The number of students increased to 382 thousand and 600, school construction area increased to 2 million 240 thousand square meters, covers an area of and average school area increased to 21.22 square meters and 8.24 square meters, primary and middle school students are teaching instruments to enhance the value of more than doubled to 1043 yuan.

at present, Xining Rural Center Nursery coverage reached 73%, the next few years will be completed full coverage. In the remote areas to set up 194 pre-school education, rural children can enjoy pre-school education. The more than and 80 completion of the school, the kindergarten, the construction and expansion of construction projects, forming the basic framework for high school layout, ease the Sea Lake District, East District of parts of entrance contradictions, especially North District Baoziwan Town, Beishan market surrounding the urban and rural joint area and the floating population concentrated area to enjoy the best of new school facilities.


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