CPPCC research group to investigate the characteristics of the plateau plateau industry

7 27, Qinghai characteristics of industrial development survey held in Xining. Li Kenong, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee as the head of the Qinghai characteristics of industrial development research group, to green on the construction of the Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics of the industrial system to carry out special investigations. Vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee presided over the meeting, Wang Liming, vice governor of Qinghai introduced the characteristics of the development of the industry, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Shoucheng attended the meeting.

Li Kenong said, "12th Five-Year", in the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government under the leadership of the construction of Saline Lake chemical industry, non-ferrous metal resources development, plateau characteristics and development of biological resources, coal chemical industry and petroleum chemical industry, new energy, plateau tourism and other special industries, forming a good experience. But the market is weak, innovation is not strong and other issues still exist, the research group hopes that through this research to understand the actual situation and problems, so that more targeted research.


research group of the CPPCC Economic Committee, focusing on the Tibetan plateau characteristics of the industrial system development situation, main practices and achievements, the development of Tibetan Plateau characteristic industry system problems and difficulties, and further promote the Tibetan plateau characteristics of the industrial system healthy development countermeasures and other aspects of research. Research Group will be based on basic research, discussion exchanges, field visits, research and other research methods, the formation of research results, in order to promote the economic prosperity of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the development of special industries and suggestions.

during the green, the research team will go to Xining, Haidong, Golmud and other places to conduct field research.


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