Members of the public have to call car charging suggestions

in March 11th, this newspaper published the "150 car electric car called the solution of difficulties in public" one article, immediately caused a public hot. A short period of time, the number of comments micro-blog evening news official reached hundreds, many readers have also call the evening news hotline to express their views, I hope the city call taxi service can be carried out as soon as possible, and look forward to the introduction of a reasonable management restraint system, both to ensure the interests of the driver, and to a certain extent, Huimin convenience, real remission taxi difficult.

it is understood that, in accordance with the taxi call on the city of Xining trial operation hearing program, the proposed call service fee of 5 yuan / times, starting price of $15 (including 3 km), a single kilometer tariff of 1.8 yuan / km. In this regard, many people expressed their views. Ms. Wu for this account, call at least 2 corners, service fee of $5, starting price of $15, or at least $20.2, if you can take a taxi from east to west. Friends drunk Pearl River believes that since the collection of call service charges, the starting price should be properly lowered. Netizen "sunlight ripples" in the micro-blog message said, launched the call taxi service is very good, can provide a lot of convenience to the public, he suggested that the call service fees deducted from the bill, and appropriate to reduce the call service fees and the starting price, so they got convenience, the driver is not to return empty.

taxi taxi charges on the proposed standards, taxi drivers are also different views. Taxi driver master Chen believes that the call taxi charges too high, vacancy rate will rise again, and on the road to encounter traffic jams and other emergency situations, if not to catch a short period of time, will reduce a lot of customers, he believes that the starting price increase appropriate, then raise the price of this kind of waiting, the public and taxi drivers you can win. Taxi driver master Li believes that the on call taxi models than ordinary taxi and high-grade, is for the convenience of those special groups and the general population special car demand, like shopping malls in the high-grade goods, since to enjoy these services, the price should be higher than by taxi.


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