29 Xining minimum temperature will break 20 C

December 25th, the author learned from the Xining Meteorological Observatory, another cold air impact, is expected to 28, the highest temperature dropped 6-8 degrees C, the lowest temperature in the early morning of 29, is expected to exceed -20.

it is understood that 25 days affected by cold air, the temperature is low, the daily maximum temperature in 0 degrees Celsius at night, Xining area has small amount of snow. The next three days, the city mainly to light snow, cloudy, mainly from 26 to 28, the city’s maximum temperature of 1 degrees C, the minimum temperature of -15 C. During the weather is cloudy or cloudy. In addition, during the snow and snow weather.

according to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued the news on 28 day of the city will be affected by a stream of cold air, the temperature and precipitation, the highest temperature is expected to drop 28 6-8 C in the morning of the 29 day minimum temperature is low, since this year is expected to will reach the coldest weather, the minimum temperature will exceed -20 C. (author: Jin ran Li Changyu)

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