Eastern Campus entrepreneurship was heavily supported

The reporter learned from the parties concerned, in response to the state of college students entrepreneurship support policy, Qinghai decided to first come up with 1 million yuan of risk investment fund, to support entrepreneurship competition the first Eastern District of Xining City, and have a dream to help college students entrepreneurial passion of entrepreneurs in one step. September 15th, the campus entrepreneurship contest has begun enrollment. The campus entrepreneurship contest hosted by the East District Government East District Bureau of human resources and social security of college graduates, individual and team I returned to Qinghai and graduated from university college students development after Qinghai network competition can be through special channels for online registration. According to the Bureau of career guidance center in the area about the person in charge, the contest entries must have two basic conditions: entries must present a promising product or service; in line with national policy and industry development direction. It is reported that the contest is divided into initial registration, the final selection, awards three links. The contestants or teams should be based on Market Research and analysis, submit a complete "business plan" as the preliminary work. The final will examine the candidate’s project overview, business highlights, development goals, entrepreneurial team and other aspects of the actual performance. In addition, who meet the policies to support entrepreneurship entrepreneurial projects can be recommended to enjoy first venture subsidies, entrepreneurial space rent, hydropower subsidies, social security subsidies to support entrepreneurship, small loans and other preferential policies; free to participate in entrepreneurship awareness training, business simulation training.  

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