New urbanization so that people live more comfortable

the improvement of living conditions, the beautification of the living environment, broaden the employment channels…… Today’s new urbanization, to the masses is not only a change of identity, but also a change in lifestyle. In the "government work report", our eyes are "accelerating the new urbanization with the core of human" attracted. Urbanization has been considered to be the only way to modernization, is the steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform, improve people’s livelihood, the combination of gold is not only a lasting driving force for economic development, but also a major livelihood projects. In promoting the construction of the people’s livelihood project, Qinghai people’s life trajectory will be how to change? Reporters connecting the twelfth session of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress attended the meeting of the people,, director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said the future of those who are related to the people of the children of Wu Haikun.

5 county to accelerate the pace of withdrawal of the county to build the city


pointed out that the "government work report", will speed up the city and county of Huangzhong County building area, Tongren, Guide, the pace of Maqing County, Haiyan County this year, to promote the transformation of Menyuan, people and, mutual aid and other three ethnic autonomous county to the city system.

* aspect one: choose the most conditions of priority cultivation. Republic, Tongren, Guide, Haiyan, etc. are the basic state of Maqing, the degree of aggregation of the population is relatively high, the level of economic development is relatively high. This year, the province will invite experts to investigate these counties, the county and the city there are gaps, which need to supplement the short board? In the end, choose the most conditional priority cultivation.

—- two: withdrawal of the county to build the city to enhance regional radiation. Yushu County after the construction of the city’s development is very fast, so the work of the county building evacuated the city, for a county, is not only a change of city management, planning and construction of stations will improve, in a process of regional development, play a very important role in the fulcrum, the province will actively promote this work.

point three: to promote the transformation of the Autonomous County of the city of. This kind of change has retained the National Autonomous County, but the National Autonomous County management system will change to the urbanization pattern. The planning and construction of the county archives management level upgrading, upgrading, the financial system will also change to the city, the county will have a series of gratifying changes.

urban functions will be further improved


countries vigorously promote the construction of new urbanization, we vigorously promote the construction of new urbanization in Qinghai, there are three reasons.

reason one: the functional status of the decision to choose. Qinghai’s overall functional position determines that Qinghai must shrink the front, the population to the appropriate conditions of the region. Qinghai 90% of the land is prohibited and restricted development zone, the new urbanization, Qinghai will vigorously promote the construction of ecological protection at the same time, the population is relatively concentrated in this way.

reason two: cultivate new economic growth pole. The characteristics of the development of urbanization in Qinghai is very obvious, from Qilian county to the county seat of Henan, Qi Qi draw a line, the eastern region is not only more than 70% of Qinghai’s population, but also gathered in Qinghai;

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