Crossing the the Yellow River elite challenge test yesterday completed Geluyinghao today the Yellow

winter, the Yellow River, crossing the plateau…… Yesterday, more than and 30 players from home and abroad completed test in Guide mother river; today, the fourth session of the "emperor to cup" China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic 44 warriors will officially start, "sword" in the Yellow River, crossing the finish.

January 4th morning, Guide square on the huge crowds of people came to watch the waterwheel, crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic audience themselves armed up. But let us gasp in admiration, in the icy water of the Yellow River, more than and 30 warriors from home and abroad Pibozhanlang, is to test the water. Watch the game from the Guide County township of Garang came to Mr. Ma said that such a cold day, usually wash your face with cold water will make people shivering with cold, they swam in the the Yellow River, how can athletes endure cold water? He said: "if you don’t see it, you can’t believe it’s true."

according to the organizing committee responsible person, the Yellow River water temperature is only 4 degrees Celsius in winter, crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge to the cold climate, the lowest temperature and the highest elevation, the longest distance tour become domestic competition open water winter games the most difficult; but the winter swimming is known as the "brave movement" there are so many, it is difficult in winter, crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge is attracting more and more elite athletes. The tournament total of 44 players from Chinese, Russia, Ukraine and other 9 countries participating, mostly for domestic and foreign open waters, the best players in the winter games.

yesterday, from Hubei, Wuhan and ran in the test water successfully crossing the the Yellow River River, which made him very happy. He told reporters that he is second in the winter of the Yellow River crossing race, through the water, water temperature, water and other feeling with him almost expected to fight in the race, to achieve better results.

today 10, the tournament will be officially started, the men and women of the 44 players A, B challenge the Yellow River group.





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