Rye into Huangyuan farmers get rich golden wheat

in recent years, Huangyuan County, closely around the construction of the province’s agricultural demonstration county of modern animal husbandry work objectives, market-oriented, constantly adjust the structure of the planting industry, promote the development of agricultural products focus on contiguous development. According to the climate conditions of village geography nalon, took the lead in the village built a forage rye seed multiplication base. This year, the village of rye planting area of 2000 acres, has become the province of rye seed multiplication key base.

it is reported that Huangyuan county will rye as the main starting point nalonggou village development "one village one product" of the economy, to mobilize the active participation of farmers planting rye rye, the contiguous planting trials from 2010 more than and 500 acres increased to more than 2 thousand mu in 2013. Actively strive for high quality rye planting project, take a focus on the combination of contiguous and household management approach, the implementation of the "one village one product" special order agriculture, to solve the worries of rye sales. At the same time, assignment of forage cultivation of professional and technical personnel, strengthen the rye cultivation technology promotion and daily management guidance, guide the masses to implement fine management, using biological technology to control the pest, and vigorously promote the new technology of mechanical sowing, storage and other aspects of the quality and yield of the village of rye increased year by year. (author: Wang Xiaofang Luo Hongmei)

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