The province to form a trinity of TB prevention and control mode of prevention and treatment of fund

March 24th is the world’s twenty-first World TB Day ", the reporter learned from the provincial CDC held a press conference, the full implementation of our province TB prevention and control policies and measures, the end of the disease control and prevention prevention situation control mechanism" alone "," the initial formation of three-in-one "control service mode, the total control funds every year nearly 10 million yuan.

it is understood that in our province, the prevalence of tuberculosis in rural and pastoral areas is higher, more than 80% of patients found in the registration of farmers and herdsmen, mainly in young adults. For a long time, I always adhere to reduce the harm of tuberculosis as an important task to solve the livelihood problems of the long-term task, is established based on government investment fund guarantee mechanism of multi channels, the total funding for TB prevention and control of the province each year to reach nearly 10 million yuan. For the convenience of the people to maximize the enjoyment of preferential policies to accelerate the progress of tuberculosis control, the province to fully integrate the medical resources, and actively promote the designated medical institutions, grassroots medical institutions, disease prevention and control institutions responsibility "and" three-in-one "service model of tuberculosis prevention and control. All kinds of medical institutions responsible for reporting in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and referral; medical institutions responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and reporting of pulmonary tuberculosis patients; basic medical and health institutions responsible for referral and assist the tracking and management of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis; disease prevention and control institutions responsible for TB prevention and control planning and management, epidemic monitoring and disposal, laboratory quality control, prevention and control of technical guidance, publicity and education, performance evaluation etc.. Up to now, the province’s each county (District, city) have designated at least one TB designated medical institutions, to achieve the prevention and control of tuberculosis disease control and prevention institutions to go alone to the combination of prevention and treatment of disease.


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