Qinghai Province in 2013 the art professional entrance examination

12 years in 2013 27, my art professional entrance examination in Qinghai Normal University successfully opened, day was held at Qinghai Normal University in the province’s first undergraduate level of civil aviation flight attendants professional education — music performance (air crew) professional interview, with the pursuit of good in the civil service and management, 540 students from across the province the candidates in the exam date.

December 29th, broadcasting and hosting classes, art classes, music classes, dance classes, ethnic arts and crafts and other five categories of 960 qualified candidates to participate in the examination, compared to last year, the actual number of candidates to enroll in an increase of 41. The exam includes broadcasting class reading related literature, art and various kinds of painting, music, the instrumental dance improvisation, dance performances, ethnic arts and crafts Thangka proportion and slow write characters, flight attendants class talent show and other content. The school began to accept on-site registration from December 23rd, 27, a 30 day formal examination, January 2, 2013 3, January 4th 6 – site marking, a day of exam entry, summary, the relevant candidates are expected in January 12, 2013 – 13 day can be informed of the result of the exam itself.

to organize the examination, based on the previous work on the examination of the province’s commitment to the arts, the Qinghai Normal University study to develop the program of work, advance related examination personnel training, repeatedly discuss the rules of professional score, held a meeting to coordinate the relevant departments clear and specific

work tasks, full preparation. At the same time, set up by the vice president in charge of teaching work of Cui Wei as head of the art enrollment examination professional Qinghai Normal University test work leading group, the members of the school Commission for Discipline Inspection (inspection), office of academic affairs, logistics management department, financial department, security department, teaching resources management center and other departments, as well as the school of humanities, music or art department relevant departments and the main person in charge of the examination, unified leadership and organization. Under the leading group office, broadcasting group, art group, music group, group, examination office, discipline inspection group, the financial group, proposition group, examination arrangements group, security group, logistics group, security examination group 13 working group, specifically responsible for the organization and coordination of the Qinghai provincial arts majors enrollment examination of the examination process. In 2013 issued the "Qinghai province colleges professional art enrollment examination plan", leaving a concrete way of communication 13 working group staff, to facilitate candidates to different professional consultation on the issue of concern, get timely reply and solve, and ensure the fairness and justice of examination at. In this year, the dean’s office of the Ministry of education also specialized in the introduction of identity cards for on-site registration, in order to optimize the program, simplify the registration process, greatly facilitate the candidates to apply to enhance the level of examination organization.

in the vast number of candidates to provide a thoughtful and attentive service, but also reflects the warmth of the school design. The school published a special "Qinghai Province in 2013 college art majors;

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