Xining West District community party building to the family

in the future, the streets of the West District, community regional party building work will further enrich the activation of the carrier, deepen the connotation, expand coverage, to provide residents with sophisticated services." June 26th, Xining City West District Committee, organization minister Wu Haining said. In recent years, the west area to strengthen the building of grassroots organizations as the main line, and actively explore new mode of construction of city community, will focus on the construction of city community and extends to the family unit and the hospital building, and for the organization of Party members, learning activities and serving the masses to provide convenient and efficient and interactive platform.

building hospital Party branch: there is a place where the masses need, there is the shadow of Party members; there are members of the party figure, there is the party’s organization; there are party organizations, there is the party’s activities."

old Party member Yang Shangjun is 54 street family member of the Party branch secretary of the hospital 30. On this day, he and other members of the old party came to the North meteorological Lane community learning together, "Qinghai daily", "West Sea Metropolis Daily" on the twelve provincial Party Congress report.

North meteorological Lane Community 238 party members in the area of 58 buildings. Due to the number of members of the community management, scattered, and the majority of retired elderly, is not conducive to daily management, is not conducive to play the role of Party members. After deliberation, the community put forward the idea of building the Party branch in the hospital, the extension of the party’s tentacles, expand the influence of the party, to build a platform for the role of Party members at home. The floor hospital branch construction as the carrier, the implementation of community construction and the construction of the party interaction, so that "people need to place, there are members of the shadow; the party figure where there is the party organization; Party organizations where there is the party’s activities." After the founding of the hospital Party branch, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of members of the community, they play their own expertise, to provide services to the hospital neighbor. Some carry out family service activities, issued the "party service hospital building card" area for the frail elderly residents, the organization of Party members; some "Renqin twinning" to talented members as the backbone, the establishment of domestic, legal, medical, employment guidance and psychological counseling service team; have to build "green homes, low carbon life" activities as the carrier, the organization of Party members and residents to carry out the "three sections" (water, electricity and energy) "three" (designated recycling waste batteries, regular cleaning of hospital building garbage, the person in charge of affairs area); some by creating a graph library, founded the art team, enrich the cultural life of residents. These to warm the hearts of the people, the heart of the people focused on the main line of care services, the masses and the hospital Party branch closely together, the role of the Party branch hospital has been strengthened.

small family party role is not small

members of the Communist Party, Cao Rongzhi retired, is the tiger Taiwan Street West community medicine property of busy people, over seventy years, she has a new job – "small family" of the Party school principals.

a few years ago, the West Branch of the medical community decided to build a learning platform, the establishment of a small family school". ;

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