Qinghai urbanization from the perspective of major projects

government work report, to promote the release of domestic demand for new urbanization potential to enhance the development of security capabilities. January 20th, the reporter interviewed the provincial development and Reform Commission on the province’s infrastructure projects this year, the relevant person in charge. This year, our province will be on the basis of national and all aspects of support, effectively release and stimulate the potential of private investment, and promote the construction of the project.

built fast three-dimensional integrated transport network architecture based on highway, and railway, civil aviation is composed of four connected area, smooth internal and external fast three-dimensional integrated transport network architecture, will accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure this year. In the construction of the railway second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway by the end of the opening, the Xining Railway Station to be completed simultaneously, start the construction of railway and gansen to Kendekeke grid library to speed up the implementation of the local railway, highway construction in GD Tseng railway; Xiangride to Huashixia main highway built, construction of people and to a small gorge road.

to develop hydropower and promote the development of new energy sources of thermal power to vigorously develop hydropower, steadily promote thermal power, and actively develop new energy principles, and further promote the construction of energy base. Accelerate the implementation of Yangqu hydropower station, and construction of power plant in Xining, Guoluo, Yushu network 6 county network engineering, 2015 to fully solve the electricity problem areas without electricity.

implementation of a number of key water conservancy projects construction and strive to lead the main canal, Huang Da Ji water Huangshui north trunk canal of a line linking up of Lijiaxia key water conservancy project etc.. Built a number of agricultural and grassland water-saving irrigation and other water conservancy facilities to solve the problem of drinking water safety of 250 thousand farmers and herdsmen.

Xining Golmud to carry out a pilot smart city construction information infrastructure construction is an important part of the infrastructure construction this year, will promote the network city, wireless city, agricultural and pastoral areas, broadband digital livelihood and other key projects this year, the implementation of Xining, Haidong, Golmud 4G network construction and carry out the pilot, Xining, Golmud pilot smart city construction.


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