Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection during the Ching Ming Festival discipline

Qingming Festival approaching, in order to further strict discipline, perseverance grasp style building, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department of the party members and cadres of the province specific requirements.

is a strict implementation of the provisions of the central eight provisions of the spirit and austerity, no pomp than lavish, extravagance and waste in the activities of grave worship in private, non feudal superstitious activities. Two is strictly prohibited to use the bus or borrow subordinate units and management services for the vehicle private worship grave, outing, visiting friends and other activities. Three is strictly prohibited the use of public funds or instructed subordinate units and management services to the scenic spots, picking garden, farmhouse and other play or accept subordinate units and management services, such as dinner, accommodation, etc.. All localities and departments should be combined with the implementation of the Communist Party of China clean and self discipline, the Communist Party of China Disciplinary Regulations, education and guidance of Party members and cadres to pursue the moral line, keep the bottom line discipline. Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in refinement, advocate the new trend of civilization sweep, with civilized way of expression of the memorial for the deceased relatives, create a clean clear atmosphere.

discipline inspection organs at all levels should conscientiously carry out a thorough investigation, receiving complaints and reports, for discipline violations, discovered, investigated and dealt with, accountability, and giving names bulletin exposure, continue to release the signal will be strict discipline. The supervision and inspection and handling of the situation in April 5th before the provincial Commission for discipline inspection party political supervision room.

Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Report Tel: 0971 – 8482072; report website: click on the correct ‘wind of the four’ exposure monitoring report, nofollow.


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