Rainbow children cited the capital audience have point praise

8 month 28 days, 29 days two nights, the original song and dance drama "Rainbow children" chosen by the delegation of the province on the Beijing national culture palace theatre. Very touching love story, the cultural elements with the distinctive, let the audience in the thousands of miles of "Rainbow hometown", feel the charm of the rich heritage of the culture. Nearly two thousand spectators came to watch, reacted strongly, have the point of praise for the play.

"Rainbow children" is based on the large-scale Turkish historical drama "Rainbow tribe" on the basis of the transformation and creation of the. Selected in the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival, the repertoire was upgraded to make snap transformation, invited the national youth director manna, the devil’s director for Zhitao and other well-known designer portrait of joining, and by the air force art troupe of the Political Department of outstanding young dancer Qin Lang, the Guangzhou military region soldier, outstanding Art Troupe the young dancers starring Zhang Lei.

"great!" This is the first impression of the audience after the show. From the Beijing public security system, Mr. Huang Zaihai said happily: dance, clothing are very good, the interpretation of the national culture is also in place, people are very eager to travel to visit each other." Beijing audience Zhang Xiujie is a national culture lovers, he said: through this show, you can see what the Tu in life is like, want to further understand the nation.

unexpected is, in this magnificent dance feast, more than 100 actors in addition to the 3 stars, mostly Tu Autonomous County Museum Anna troupe members, there is a part of the cultural museum staff.

"the performance of these original ecological actors is very true and pure, their dance language is not modified, but with the power of moving people. I have benefited a lot from it." Play the heroine Amanda lamso who, the air force art troupe of the Political Department of outstanding young actor Qin Lang said, this kind of sincere and honest actor Tu character, also helped her to actress Amanda lamso’s success in shaping.

just finished the first performance, Central Conservatory of Music teacher Zong Xiaojun on the initiative to talk with reporters feel. He said the show was a tension in a musical play showcase a variety of intangible cultural heritage, but there is no sense of violation on the stage. Because the intangible cultural heritage has come from life, the characters and plot development, is to restore life, rather than out of life.

in two shows, from the beginning to the end, the audience does not have a leave, sincere applause, this let the general director Fu Zhitao surprised. "In the face of the Beijing audience can get a response like this, I think it worth all the hard work, can contribute to the inheritance of Chinese culture of Tu nationality, I think it is a very meaningful thing in my career."


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