Xining city bus into a mobile propaganda column

"the silt but don’t dye, wash clean and not demon", "breeze, singrain central group"…… Recently, in Xining city bus ride 3 people in Xining, you can often see such honest public service ads.

this is the city area to strengthen the outdoor public welfare propaganda work to come up with the "new method", the independent public service ads onto the bus, the bus into the mobile billboards. The City District of Xining city will clean culture into the region’s cultural construction, and constantly improve the mechanism, rich carrier, strengthen measures to the socialist core value system as the key to cultivate honest values and strengthen social morality, occupation morality, family virtue and personal qualities together, the pursuit of "buried drip, salutary influence of education", "run silently" effect, the anti-corruption education extended and expanded to all aspects of society, the healthy and upward, advanced culture gradually occupied the minds of the people, and strive to create a delicate air, general business environment in the whole area, the Party cadres thoughts to enrich the people strong area of the center, and gradually form a delicate air, diligent and honest, good atmosphere of unity and honest pride to shame corrupt good society Atmosphere, to further enhance the people’s awareness of the work of honest government, confidence and satisfaction. (author: Xiao Shu Zhang Jing)


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