Qinghai famous special products online sales channel

Scanning micro signal, you can easily join the "Qinghai large set of goods, micro signal, so as to understand the Qinghai famous brand products, the final realization of online shopping, Qinghai to build a large set of goods never ending"". Xi’an this year, Qinghai commodity set, the Provincial Department of Commerce for the first time launched micro business platform, so that a large collection of goods in Qinghai and e-commerce integration.

it is understood that the Provincial Department of Commerce sponsored "Qinghai large set of goods, in order to further enhance product promotion efforts of Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, investment 50 thousand yuan set vouchers, first introduced the means of two-dimensional code, WeChat and other modern information technology, to carry out two-dimensional code scanning sweepstakes and other promotions, in order to further enhanced Qinghai large set of goods in the young consumer group’s influence. Reporters personally experience the Qinghai commodity collection WeChat platform, see the platform points drinks wine, bee products, dairy products, meat products, specialty and other 8 categories, a detailed description of the exhibition of more than 70 enterprises. According to the provincial commerce department responsible person, in order to achieve the "fusion of Qinghai large set of goods and electronic commerce, to create" Qinghai large set of goods, never ending, they will take this platform to build can provide the network trading platform for enterprises and businesses to carry out online sales, let the enterprise out of Qinghai will be able to sell products to the field, so that foreign consumers stay at home, you can enjoy Qinghai tongue delicacy ", so that" Qinghai large set of goods to achieve the combination of centralized and long term sales exhibition. At the same time, the official also said that where to enter the micro business platform platform of goods are reviewed by government departments and associations and enterprises to ensure high-quality, high standards.


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