Provincial capital of 76 new buses on the road this week to identify counterfeit coin function

May 5th, reporters from Xining city public transport limited liability company, before the provincial road 2, 22 road car has been replaced, a total of 76 new cars will hit the road this week.

coin machine to identify the authenticity of

"please re coin!" A passenger has just put money in the paper, and the coin machine on the new bus sends out a new coin. Originally, the passenger will be a piece of paper money canbi input port. This is the reporter saw the scene on the 22 bus. It is understood that this intelligent anti fake coin machine, coins, banknotes are respectively provided with a two slot, with the identification of counterfeit money, canbi, less functional currency. The new bus installation of this intelligent counterfeit coin machine, software upgrades can be carried out at any time, in order to eliminate the difficulty of identifying new counterfeit money.

bus intelligent management

compared with ordinary buses, the new car installed navigation system, at any time to monitor the situation of each road bus." Bus company official said, the introduction of new buses with intelligent public transport system, from the artificial scheduling management model into electronic monitoring and scheduling management system. To achieve real-time monitoring of vehicles, scheduling optimization, but also for the public to provide real-time bus ride information to facilitate public travel.

more space, more environmentally friendly

"the new car is a rear mounted engine, the engine compartment and the compartment, high utilization of the compartment area." Bus driver Ma said. The introduction of the rear ten meter series bus, bus company is the first introduction of a series of buses. As the new 22 road buses and ordinary buses, in addition to more energy saving and emission reduction, the car also added two rolling screen, in terms of civilization that play at the same time, will also be introduced to passengers some little knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection.

it is understood that the new Xining bus public transport limited liability company this year will be put into operation more than and 600 vehicles, intelligent environmental protection, a total investment of one hundred million yuan. (author: Qi Xiaojun)

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