Xining to promote the education and training of cadres

this year, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to strengthen and improve the cadre education and training work as a "talent strong city" strategy based project, according to local conditions, in accordance with their aptitude, provide guarantee and personnel cadres strong support to accelerate Xining "four development".

Xining to establish and improve the joint meeting of cadres education and training system, the formation of the division of labor units responsible for the education and training of cadres, the implementation of the city’s cadres education and training briefing system. We will strengthen the training and examination and the management of the trainees, combine the training and training of cadres with the assessment of the target of the unit and the annual assessment of the individual, so as to improve the quality of education. The three district four county resource integration advantages, formed by the municipal Party and the teaching work, the three counties play the role of "unified training base for basic education and training of cadres of the network.

in training content, strengthen political theory, ideological and moral education and training, ethnic and religious, social, economic and financial management, city management, especially the construction of e-government environment good content as a priority among priorities and city work, combined with the "65 law", vigorously strengthen the concept of rule of law, rule of law theory learning and training, trying to hit the city work and the central task of laying the foundation, establish long-term. In the scope of training, focusing on equal opportunities, the center of gravity down, multi-channel, full coverage grassroots cadres to carry out education and training work, the first implementation of the theme of scientific development practice". This year, the city’s various regions and departments held a variety of training more than and 250, training at all levels of cadres, personnel, more than 30 thousand passengers. In the training arrangement, combined with the various departments and units, especially the county cadres and actual work, actively promote the work of the key section to avoid the gold period and the implementation of the project, the rhythm and density of the overall grasp class training, effectively ensure the training tasks completed and key projects are not affected.

actively take cadres to go out to learn. A year ago, were established to consolidate or aid Weipei in Qinghua University and Beijing University, Tongji University, Shanghai Pudong, Guangxi Nanning, Shandong Qingdao and Beijing Youth Politics College training base, has sent 310 cadres at all levels to participate in training. Actively seek the support of the national and foreign Bureau, a total of more than 30 county level cadres sent to the United States, Germany and other places to learn the development experience, broaden their horizons. And invited experts to teach in Xining. Make full use of xiadou brand and Exhibition economic opportunity, one after another in Xining organized the "Shanghai Mingde forum, experts, service group and other activities, Shanghai has invited research Mingde learning organization, Professor of Shanghai Shangde Group CEO and other 7 well-known experts and scholars to Nanjing seminars, carry out technical guidance in the city. A total of more than 1 thousand people attended the seminar and exchange forum.

through a variety of forms of education, effectively stimulate the majority of cadres active learning, active participation in training enthusiasm and vitality. Into a training course, listening to a quality course, has become many cadres happy work, the pursuit of a healthy life. (author: Su Jianping Li Hanzhang)

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