The two column of the three volume of four activities to promote clean government culture

this year, Huangyuan County Commission for Discipline Inspection to clean government culture, two columns of three activities as the starting point, cultivate the concept of honest and clean government and create a social atmosphere, and constantly promote the construction of clean government culture.
"two bar" is the opening of "voice of people" special column and "Huangyuan county Party’s mass line educational practice of folk singing" two columns. The educational activities against the "four winds" theory of the essence of creation of a folk song, disturb children, filial piety, flowers, seedlings, and other loved writing lyrics fast folk art forms, extensive publicity in the masses, to sing the voice of the people, the people speak the language, touch the soul of Party members and cadres. "Three books" is a compilation of "Huangyuan county Party’s mass line educational practice brochure", "the party’s mass line educational practice knowledge Handbook" and "the party’s mass line educational practice quiz manual", to the masses, the masses, the masses of comic discourse folk art form focus on four winds problem to highlight the theme, artistic conception, easy to understand. "Four" is to carry out "the mass discourse" collection activities, "the people" micro letter "collection activities, classroom activities and striving to emulate cadres’ activities. The masses of Party members from the party and government, party spirit and style of study style will wind, work style, life style, diligent and honest, the party cadre and personnel selection, system construction and other aspects put forward opinions and ideas. County leadership to the Party branch and party organization "teaching point of micro lectures; in the riverside road to build the" cause-and-effect relationship "as the theme of the cultural street lights.


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