18 new policies to help the employment of venture capital loans unified adjustment of 100 thousand y

Entrepreneurial business registration pre-approval matters will be changed to post

jobs to attract college graduates, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance fees, giving each person within 4 years of social insurance subsidies and one-time award. Technician college senior class, preparation technician class, special education college vocational education graduates, with reference to the employment of college graduates to enjoy the relevant policies. To further promote the students start to lead the program, the college graduates one-time reward standard increased to 10 thousand yuan, the difficult employment of college graduates to expand the scope of subsidies, has been the national student loans, disability, urban and rural households graduates, a one-time payment of the standard increased to 1000 yuan. College graduates to lead the founder of agricultural production cooperatives, given within 3 years of living subsidies and social security subsidies. College graduates apply for county institutions, give preferential treatment from the candidates age, education level, professional setting, orientation, area proportion and other aspects, and further improve the wages to grassroots tilt;

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