Lake tournament will open in the South four provinces

the morning of March 11th, the first tour of Qinghai Lake cycling League press conference held in Chengdu, a national radiation new, heavy Amateur League official curtain, which is from Qinghai, Lake Race in Gansu and Ningxia provinces (regions) and a joint office of the game. Zhang Ning, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the lake, Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the Secretary General of the Sichuan provincial Cycling Association, attended the press conference, such as the Secretary General of the association of sports, such as the Secretary General of the association of sports, such as the Secretary General of the association of sports, such as the Secretary General of the association of the.

Lake organizing committee representatives, Qinghai Province Sports Management Center Director Wang Xianzhong delivered a speech on behalf of the organizing committee, he said, the birth of Qinghai Lake bicycle League, mark has always been high-profile tour of Qinghai Lake, and will take on a new look, new journey more affinity to the country’s attitude to start. The League will be open to the idea, a strong brand influence, professional event organization, international standards, rooted in folk, joint competition, win-win cooperation, to provide the best platform for the national amateur race bike enthusiasts, to provide a good platform for the city to participate in publicity, sharing the fruits of development and the whole society around the race. In addition, in order to meet the fifteenth round of the lake, the organizing committee also planned a series of riding activities, welcomed the national Lake racing fans and bicycle enthusiasts to participate actively.

as the founding year, this year’s event set up a total of 4 races and one stop finals. Race across the southeast and southwest China, Chengdu division, Xiamen division, Wuxi division, Guangzhou division. The competition is divided into men’s road group, men mountain group, female mountain group, public riding experience 4 groups, in addition to riding group does not participate in the rankings and awards, the remaining groups 20 before taking a different amount of cash awards and prizes, the winning player can win in finals. The finals is located in Haiyan County of Qinghai Province, where there is the most professional cycling track, the most magnificent scenery and the most mysterious plateau of national culture, the riding enthusiasts, undoubtedly has great appeal.

conference, Logo and VI released around the Qinghai Lake cycling league. With the background of the Qinghai Lake League Logo profile, the spokes of a wheel from the center of radiation coverage overall, intended to race around the lake brand to promote the nationwide, and brought together from all corners of the country riding enthusiasts to participate in the tour of Qinghai Lake cycling league. VI, as the main colors of this colorful tour of Qinghai Lake cycling League, this event is intended to illustrate the most professional national bicycle race, and is full of festive atmosphere of the large cycling enthusiasts carnival.

on the same day, by the domestic leading brands for passenger riding equipment morichi League to create a series of honor shirts also officially unveiled. Continue to represent the strongest of the century tour of the yellow jersey, as the current round of the Qinghai Lake cycling race men’s team championship Jersey collar; on behalf of the tour de France’s green shirt, as the women’s team champion jersey. The finals of the honor sweater is even more eye-catching, into the Qinghai Lake bicycle League VI design, the final jersey will become this year the most powerful Qinghai Lake League exclusive exclusive Jersey, white jersey will give the men’s championship, the pink jersey will give women’s championship.

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