Datong County 2012 young fair investment results gratifying

2012 Green Fair during the two provincial key industrial projects successfully signed landing chase. Among them, the Qinghai provincial government and the Qinghai branch of China Aluminum Company signed Qinghai aluminum high-tech industrialization project investment of 10 billion 700 million yuan, Datong County Government and the Beijing national new energy Ag signed a daily processing 1 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas project investment of 1 billion yuan.

at the same time, Datong County to the participants to come to the business details of the investment environment and resources, the county’s preferential policy, industry situation and focus on the development of the industry, and actively with the business of matchmaking and negotiation. The Qingdao Montreal environmental protection boiler Engineering Co. Ltd., Datang Shandong company, Master Kong (Xi’an) Beverages Limited business to chase investment in environmental protection boiler, photovoltaic power generation, new building materials, master series drinks and other projects have a keen interest, clear to negotiate.


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