Chengbei District of Xining city two small and urged for a new look

2014, Chengbei District of Xining city to tackle tough to catch the demolition, push the shed change, adhere to the "two small" (that is, small urban construction demolition, shed change) as the primary task of accelerating the pace of development, enhance the carrying capacity of the city.

it is understood that in 2014 the demolition area north of the city more than the previous year, but also the highest in the four districts. The innovation of the urban linkage, benefit sharing, synchronization mechanism, construction and demolition "complete area Qi City, Menyuan Road area, Biological Park Phase Three, 12 key projects 1 million 415 thousand square meters. 30 the completion of the project, the extension of the West Qaidam Qinghai University 5455.97 acres of land and other tasks.

at the same time, for the shantytowns large amount of concentrated reality, organization and implementation of the Beichuan river area of 14 key penggai project of 11787 units, the operating rate of 100%, the transformation to benefit the masses more than 3 people, accounting for the city’s studio to change the task 29%, the original five "black car factory building, a machine tool factory after some for many years the" old "penggai project solved. Urban and rural development, the north, Tao Jiazhai, Tao Xin, apricot stone Lei 10 village 6396 29 thousand and 600 people in the village building full implementation, total construction area of 1 million 543 thousand and 600 square meters.

In addition,

has invested 31 million 480 thousand yuan, the new north side of the planning of the road north of the lake, North Binhe Road (Huang Shuihe), Binhe West Road (Beichuan River), the East River Road shop in, Qilian road sidewalk installation projects. And invest 5 million yuan to complete the rural road hardening of 23 km.


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