mprove the police patrol mechanism to increase the protection of public utilities in Xining

in order to better carry out the protection of public facilities, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to continuously innovate and improve the patrol mechanism, effectively curb the theft, destruction of public facilities, criminal activities.

April 3rd 20 pm, the South Branch of public facilities patrol to patrol the City New District Zhuang and road junction, found a suspicious tricycle, the patrol team questioned, tricycle owners car fled, the patrol team Er Wan Cun Zhuizhi Quan village, the criminal suspects Jeong arrested on the spot seized stolen covers 3, the Bureau order brigade night police interrogation, and his accomplices arrested lee. March 27th early morning, Xining City West utility patrol team received 110 instructions: the West Garden paradise someone cut cable. Patrol team rushed to the scene of the incident, the suspect has abandoned the line to escape, to recover more than 120 meters cable. In March 29th 2, west of the city public facilities patrol team received 110 orders: Nanchuan road passenger station "Longxing door industry" the hospital has stolen cut the cable. Patrol team rushed to the scene after receiving instructions, the suspect fled. After the inventory of the scene, the collection of communication cables 50 meters, the crime tool broken pliers. March 31st 3 am, when the west side of the public utility patrol team to patrol the Sea Lake Road opposite the market, it was found that someone was robbing a taxi, patrol members quickly attack, arrested the suspect Zhu and yang. (author Yuan Yuhong)


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