5A Kumbum Monastery tourism began to heat up

although the weather suddenly sunny rain, but ushered in after the promotion of the first 5A 51 small holiday charm of the Kumbum Monastery scenic area is not reduced, 3 days a total of tourists received a total of 16790 people (Times), an increase of 6.6% over the same period last year.


create 5A after the baptism of the scenic Kumbum Monastery scenic area of the road infrastructure, take on an altogether new aspect, the sewer grid, the reconstruction of the tourist reception service center has been completed, the tourism elements function gradually improved, scenic logo signs, leisure chairs, trash and other tourism infrastructure projects to replace a new level, the scenic area management service and further enhance the quality of. Wu Yu is the second Henan tourists to Kumbum Monastery, in her eyes, although there are many scenic areas in need of improvement, but compared with before, the hardware facilities more perfect, more professional instructors, on the whole, in addition to the Tibetan Buddhist holy image, is more like a tour scenic area ".

with Kumbum Monastery’s popularity gathered in Huangzhong County, the rural tourism has further warming, Huangzhong taste of delicacy, feel the eight petal lotus charm, watch Eight rhyme cultural performances has become the new hot spot of tourism in Huangzhong, "51" holiday, tourists 18770 people (Times), with an increase of 11.2%. (author: She Chaolong)

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