Huangzhong organized food wholesale distribution business training courses

The wholesale food distribution business households are not active for retailers to provide relevant information, according to the wholesale food distribution two of the single is not standardized, Xining City, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau were related to the knowledge of laws and regulations of the training of the county’s 87 households wholesale food distribution business and major shopping malls, supermarkets, food business operators responsible person.

the focus of the training will be found last year to the problem of food wholesale distribution business households were informed in detail, the specific point of the existence of the problem of business households and problems. In order to help the distribution business from operating experience, so that in 2012 won the provincial circulation food safety demonstration shop "Ning Shihuang shop responsible for retailers and wholesale distribution of Brazil Huang households of the person in charge of how they were recordrope ticket ledgers built in the daily operation, how to divide the types of food placed, how to advance the food inspection and to carry out the investigations, should pay attention to food wholesale distribution problems in experience and skills. Take for example to explain, case analysis and other easy way to make delivery business to study the "food safety law", "circulation of food safety supervision and management measures" in business operators should be the responsibility of the relevant laws and regulations, make business a clear responsibility to illegal responsibility. At the same time wholesale food distribution business in the delivery to retail business operators to provide "three certificates", each batch of quality inspection report and stamp, regulate the use of food wholesale distribution of two single. Requirements of food retail operators must be required to claim the cable ticket, the completion of the purchase ledger, etc.. (author: Fan Shengzhong)