2 million 750 thousand kilograms of grain and oil market

according to the actual prices have risen this year, to protect the city of grain and oil market supply and price stability, according to the provincial and municipal government arrangements, this winter and next spring I organized government parity oil delivery, especially powder, powder, powder, a standard two class four grade rice, rapeseed oil…… At present, 5 varieties of government parity of grain and oil has been put on the market in Xining, a total of 2 million 750 thousand kg.
the government and put parity will end in 2015 before the Spring Festival, 11 grain processing enterprises and 62 sales outlets in the distribution and sales. Put in the processing of grain and oil companies focus on the production of grain and oil products, grain and oil supply enterprises to supply comprehensive government affordable product cost, approved factory price directly on the consumer terminal market, intermediate wholesale and retail sectors canceled, enterprise ex factory price is the market listing sales price, subsidy and zero slip, in order to reduce the cost of circulation way to regulate the market increase the supply efforts.
it is reported that the government put the 3 varieties of parity and categories of 5 varieties. Government parity of grain and oil prices listed on the sale of: a special powder 3.54 yuan / kg, special powder of 3.08 yuan / kg, the standard powder of 2.96 yuan / kg; a japonica rice of $4.90 / kg; four rapeseed oil, $45 / barrel (5 liters). In addition, from December 1st onwards, the government will increase the level of grain and oil, millet, corn flour and other two varieties of grains, the listing price for the sale of millet 10.80 yuan / kg, the whole corn powder of $3.40 / kg.