Central government procurement of innovative services

January 2nd, the fifteen plenary session of the City Council held the seven. Central this year will focus on reform and innovation, and strive to deepen the reform and the transformation of institutional mechanisms to achieve a breakthrough in the formation of the system in line with the actual situation and development stage.

will be in accordance with the "Central Comprehensive deepening reform in the requirements, continue to clean up and reduce the administrative examination and approval, the working mechanism of the innovation of administrative service center, improve the public service functions of the community center and operation mechanism, and promote the establishment of scientific, standardized and institutionalized, do a good job in receiving municipal decentralization.

It is reported that the future will be central to

, the total private economy accounted for the proportion of the total economy in the region continued to improve as the goal, to accelerate the implementation of the private economy three years doubling plan to deepen the comprehensive reform of national pilot services, making the development of the service industry industrial policy, the introduction of the service industry development guidance catalogue. Improve the budget management mechanism, try to finance the three year rolling plan. Innovative government procurement of services in the field of environmental protection, greening, education, employment training and other areas to take public tender to purchase public services. Further deepen the reform of the household registration system, accelerate the transfer of land, vigorously develop new rural cooperative economy, urban and rural development as a whole. Integration of urban management functions, separation of management and law enforcement, the relative concentration of law enforcement, the construction of large urban management system. Continue to deepen the medical and health system reform, the reform of the cultural system, reform, education reform, system innovation and technology reform of food and drug administration, the medical, educational and cultural services more perfect, more reform achievements benefit people.  


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