3 farmers home business successful old resources turned popular whole

China has always been a large agricultural country, there are countless resources, if these resources can not be sought after by the market, there is no way to create wealth for the owner. However, many of the old resources to disappear, it can not become a sought after goods. But the times are different, and now the choice of entrepreneurship is more and more, the status of the old resources have begun to change.

reporter recently interviewed in rural Sichuan, 3 migrant workers to hear the entrepreneurial story. In them, "Internet plus" high tech "+" "+ pure ecological" concept of modern development, let us see the deepening agricultural supply side structural reforms to create vitality.

"Internet plus" prize: "small peony" made of large industrial

Zhongjiang County Ji Feng Zhen Shiyazi village in the past is a poor village, local planting peony has hundred years of history, the quality is good, but on a smaller scale, can not sell a good price.

until 2007, the return of migrant workers Tian Mingkuo changed the situation.

Tian Mingkuo past work in Chengdu, and later opened a stationery store, save some money. He returned home business, relying on the website of the agricultural sector to run a business platform, began to introduce the local peony resources. Not long after, merchants poured in, the purchase price than in the past up a lot.

tasted the sweetness, the enthusiasm of the people of Paeonia species was quickly ignited". More than 1 thousand and 800 acres of land in the village of more than 1 thousand and 600 acres planted peony. Villagers Liao Qigui said: in the past 5 yuan per kilogram no one wants, and now also grab to buy $10. It seems that the Internet is still useful!"

high tech + help: for a new variety, blue and white pepper has become a hot goods

Luojiang County Yuan Zhen Shun he Cun green pepper farmers in the past, due to poor quality, the harvest is not guaranteed, but also can not afford to sell price.

1996 will be on the road of migrant workers Yang Hongjun through a friend that the Southwestern University preferred cultivating new varieties of pepper leaf green pepper, has very high economic value. In 2012, he decided to return to the development of green pepper production base.

the first year of planting, as more than 1 consecutive months of rain, blue pepper seedlings flooded, Yang Hongjun lost millions of dollars. But he was not discouraged, and invited experts on-site consultation and guidance, hand to teach cultivation techniques. Later, with the technology is mature, blue pepper growing well, Yang Hongjun constantly expanding the area of cultivation, to guide the surrounding more than and 280 farmers involved in planting.

2016 years, 2000 acres of blue and white pepper into the harvest period. Because the new varieties of good quality, the price doubled, recommended