DongLaiShun franchise details

DongLaiShun mutton slices cooked in hot pot is a Hot pot catering DongLaiShun group under the franchise brand, is a characteristic catering brand project. DongLaiShun group currently has DongLaiShun catering direct, DongLaiShun halal food, DongLaiShun franchise, DongLaiShun meat industry processing business sector, catering has DongLaiShun 23 directly operated stores, covering Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Yinchuan, Harbin, Qingdao six city, initially formed in Beijing, Wuhan on the north and South straight the pattern of regional development camp.

DongLaiShun franchise

1, the applicant: love DongLaiShun cause, voluntary DongLaiShun franchise system, and accept the halal operating characteristics; have the qualifications of a legal person, have a certain economic strength; with the headquarters for the store, with entrepreneurial spirit and strong business background, higher overall quality of good reputation, reliable credit.

2, the franchisee to handle their own business required for approval, license. Among them, the franchise stores must be handled before the opening of the local halal license, otherwise it will be deemed unqualified acceptance.

3, in strict accordance with the contract and annex to the contents of the contract to fulfill their rights and obligations, to accept the headquarters of the training and management.

4, according to the headquarters plan to carry out the store renovation plan, and accept the headquarters acceptance.

5, in accordance with halal food and beverage business rules to develop the scope of business, and reported to the headquarters for the record.

6, operations and services comply with the standards and requirements of the headquarters.

7, strict implementation of the main raw materials (including beef and mutton, spices and accessories, hot pot, machinery and accessories) main channel purchase requirements.

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1, the choice of franchisee

(1) other companies have been incorporated

(2) franchisee has its own business premises, or has signed a lease contract with the business premises of the lease contract / letter of intent

(3) the operating area of the business premises shall be at the lowest level in different cities. The relevant provisions, please refer to "

" DongLaiShun store decoration advice

2, related costs

1 type: municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital city

stores the size of 1500 square meters above:

franchise fee: 300 thousand yuan