How much is Erwin West joined the workshop fee business

entrepreneurship for now people are no longer a rare thing, and now is a public business, the era of many people, who want to start a business, what people can start. As long as you have the idea of action, there is the possibility of success. For the new venture is the best choice for the business of food and drink their own projects, no need to invest too much money, choose a relatively small risk of the project, such as Erwin cake.

Erwin West studio brand was founded in 2013, is a positioning fashion, high-end bakery (bread, cake, do) chain catering institutions, using the central kitchen management, ensure the quality of products, open sales model, so that customers enjoy the experience with the world excellent dessert delicacy. The company also invited France, Japan, Taiwan and other places around the bakery and pastry chef to join the R & D team, constantly updated, more delicious West point.

Erwin West with the ultimate pursuit of art from the west, knead the dough, fermentation to bake, can feel the cultural tradition and the spirit of striving for perfection, the company hired France, Japan, Taiwan and other countries of the West master bread and worked as a technical adviser, and Erwin gathered around the country with Senior Chef dedication to customers out of the ordinary, classical Erwin West Point, to create a healthy and delicious secret.

Erwin West is committed to become the "public tongue cake Kingdom customers in mind, leisure partner, adhere to the leading technology, quality first, customer supreme principle, continue to do a good job of product innovation, quality control, quality service, and strive to create high value-added consumer experience. We will always bring you health and delicious, is a happy life, worthy of investment business, let us in this big family Erwin, mutual learning, mutual growth, with sweat, share the joy of success! So delicate bakery franchise fee is how much


Xiao Bian learned that Erwin cake to join the provincial capital cities need 421 thousand and 400 yuan, prefecture level city of 309 thousand and 500 yuan, the county city of 236 thousand yuan. We need according to their own situation to choose their own way of joining, only suitable for the best possible, small make up to wish you to create a career of their own!

above is a small series for everyone to bring Erwin cake fee information, I hope the above information will help you, if you want to join or want to know more information, please give us a message!

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