Chongqing strengthen the legislation system to promote the development of Philanthropy

charity has been a concern, and even the government is also actively involved in charity. As of December 31, 2016, the Chongqing municipal charity to raise funds and materials 549 million yuan, including the China Charity Federation aid medicines worth 377 million yuan. This year, boosting the improvement of people’s livelihood, especially on the basis of the city’s poverty alleviation, the city’s booming philanthropy, showing a bright spot.

Chongqing City charity through study and understand the "charity law" and the leadership instructions, further unified thinking and understanding, clear the thoughts of charity work, take the initiative to boost the improvement of people’s livelihood especially the poverty alleviation, as the primary task of charity work and priority, consciously adhere to the main city to carry out charitable relief, actively change "to" fish "to fish" to promote the charity of poverty alleviation. In the fight against poverty, pay more attention to highlight the focus, practical results, to ensure accurate poverty alleviation, precision poverty.

"in 2016, we put up poverty alleviation as the primary task of the city charity federation. The annual recruitment and for funds 549 million yuan, mainly for the precise poverty. Boost poverty, focusing on giving play to the advantages of charity, one person one policy, targeted clear, accurate rescue. For example, the year for the medical assistance value amounted to 377 million yuan, point to 15503 people with severe cancer patients giving the drugs, to prevent their poverty." City Charity federation.

actively explore new mechanisms for poverty alleviation

test the water industry to help the poor. The mobilization of Jinke shares billion yuan, raise the poverty alleviation funds, continues to help the pillars, Zhongxian, Fuling and other counties, opened in 10 poor villages to carry out poverty alleviation industry; the introduction of the global energy industry leader NG, support pillars of photovoltaic industry and poverty alleviation; International Trust, such as the Three Gorges Bank jointly initiated the establishment of precise poverty alleviation fund charitable trust.

multi dimensional exploration of health poverty alleviation. Chongqing in Yunyang, Shizhu pilot the establishment of 10 million yuan, the medical rescue fund ", to prevent illness difficult family poverty caused by illness; donations to raise 5 million 780 thousand yuan, for the development of congenital heart disease, diabetes, burn children from poor families and rescue; strengthen the contact and China primary health care funds, promote the basic medical and health services to improve and the fund will be donated $63 million 420 thousand worth of medical equipment to Yunyang neonatal screening project 11 million 800 thousand yuan.

in Chongqing, the government continues to raise awareness of the law, so that "charity law" can be better implemented, will strive through 3 to 5 years of efforts, the construction of charity has become one of the city’s largest and best reputation, the most assured charitable organizations, to become the city’s charitable organization leaders and imitators.

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