What children’s educational toys store money skills with

is not the lack of toys for each child, in order to let the children can grow up better, parents will always choose good toys, children’s educational toys is the infant market selling goods, profit greatly, open a children’s educational toys store is a good choice to make money. However, in order to successy run a children’s toy store, you need to master some methods and skills. Details are as follows:

efforts to improve the turnover rate of

we know that some shops are usually just to see, and did not intend to buy; some people see their love of goods will immediately buy, we called the "shopping; there are some people who don’t see love toys will not buy even in the children’s toy store, because they think need not, unless the price is really cheap.

so now some fifty yuan toys sell well, because the price is acceptable to most people, but these toys are relatively low profits, but can attract customers and strong retain repeat customers. Generally, high technology content, well-known brands of toys price is generally hundreds of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, to the current Chinese parents consumption level, consumption idea, or very difficult to accept, and this kind of toys to higher profits, real profit is the toy store.

"not all kids can play with this kind of toy," so that customers who buy toys have this sense of superiority! Tell the customer why this toy is worth 100 yuan or more? At this time, the toy store sells to the customer is not only the toy itself, but is the jewelry can bring to the customer the expectation!

allows customers to imagine their children playing with this toy will be very happy, will develop intelligence and hands-on. Persuade customers who did not want to buy, want to buy more customers to buy; improve the probability of customer turnover, which is the primary condition for successful operation of children’s toys store! Persuade customers to have certain knowledge, experience and skills.

adjust commodity structure according to customer needs

assume that the children’s toy store turnover is 1000 yuan a day, if the sale price of $ten toys to sell 100, but the general toy is difficult to have so many customers every day. If the price of 100 yuan to sell toys only need to be able to achieve a turnover of $1000 of the $ten! Of course, it is impossible for all customers to buy 100 yuan of toys, and this customer is, after all, a small number, but if you can put a small number of people are attracted to the toy store to buy, then a lot of sales.

used to do business is the seller’s market, what goods to sell what goods; and now is the buyer’s market, according to customer needs to purchase and sales. Customer demand and consumption capacity of each region are different, the children’s toy store owner must be based on the actual situation to recommend

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