What is the secret of winning Ruogu cottage

to say that the health industry is so hot now, the competition is not small. So why choose it so popular with consumers Ruogu cottage market? To say that in modern society, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the diet was happened in 60s and 70s from cereals changes in turn the world upside down, before a transition to the modern food, for fresh vegetables is less and less, the health effects resulting in people is gradually declining trend, more and more diseases of the body, such as "chronic disease", "rich" etc..

a lot of people always say to go to the hospital to check what disease, but it is the feeling of physical discomfort, weakness, the spirit is not concentrated, can not sleep at night, etc.. In view of this the trend of the environment, the health industry such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain quickly dominate the market, everyone wants a share in this market, however, with the expansion of the health industry, the major brands are also more and more health. After all, how to improve the survival rate of their own brands, how the health industry has been the champion?

What is the secret of winning

Ruogu cottage?

Ruogu in cottage industry is also the leader, today’s status is also 13 years of effort.

products we have excellent indicators

first of all, in the selection of ingredients has been insisting that the quality dictates that the country’s best choice of ingredients, never adulterated, do not use cheap ingredients chemical. Ruogu cottage ingredients in the industry enjoys a certain reputation; followed by the factory, with good food and certainly not missing a good factory, pharmaceutical standard operating our food factory, microbiological packaging workshop per cubic meter of only 240, while the national standard is 1000, for the factory, we are clean and tidy. Finally, we have; the secret recipe, after 130 years of inheritance, after years of baptism and precipitation, through the experiment again and again, end use.

service we have a professional team

has a good product to have a good team, like a child who can’t walk, need a teacher to teach him to take the first step. Ruogu cottage therapeutic regimen for the franchisee to join square in support as the parents treat their children, afraid of trouble, don’t complain about hard. In order to consider the franchisee is very familiar with the operation of grain is not just health square, Ruogu cottage headquarters set up a walk in the country, Maxivista franchisee shop marketing team, their main job is to help the franchisee to find the feeling, in the strange grain shop to learn the business, to learn marketing, until they are in their shops operating completely at ease will leave, is such a rich sense of responsibility of the team has been in the sales line to help every franchisee. < >

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