Sushi to join the brand Recommended

sushi is a good food, healthy nutrition and delicious, such a good brand of food and beverage, investors may miss it? Sushi to join the brand a lot of projects, today Xiaobian for you to introduce a few well-known sushi brand.


(Japanese: Genki sushi, also with English translation on coding: Genki Sushi, CO., LTD.) is a Japanese sushi industry for the Tokyo stock exchange, the first listed company (Topix 1: 9828).

legend, started by a sushi chef, Saito Fumio, who was only 24 years old in 1968, dreamed of opening a new sushi restaurant in the form of sushi. Genki sushi Corporation was founded in 1990, with a vibrant smile as a brand trademark, instantly become a sign of superior sushi, a year later, Genki sushi, success in the Japanese market. In 1992, the company will expand its business to overseas. After thirty years of development, Mr. Saito has his own ideal into a large group of sushi delicacy, in Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Hongkong branch extended to more than 40, and the world about to become Japan’s Sushi legend.

green sushi

green rotary sushi was founded in October 1997, is characterized by a rotating belt, operating Japanese food catering group. Now in more than and 40 cities in the country has nearly 200 direct chain stores.

The purpose of

is to provide customers with fresh, healthy, high-quality products and enthusiasm, patience, and thoughtful service. Wo Green food for guests with 200 species, divided into sushi, appetizer, sashimi, burn, fried noodles and rice, drinks and other seven species. All products produced by the traditional Japanese technology, the integrity of the preservation of the nutritional content of food, with a delicious, light and not greasy features. Green sushi sushi to the popular price, these will be recommended to the Japanese cuisine, so that consumers more choices.

for fresh sushi sushi

for the establishment of fresh food in Taipei in 1996, is now one of Asia’s largest direct selling food and beverage companies in Japan, and has become one of the region’s most popular sushi brand. For about 300 stores, more than 4000 employees and hundreds of vendors. In order to adhere to the "fresh", from the beginning of enterprise named "war" which means "really fresh, fresh", to provide the most fresh, most healthy and delicious, the most comfortable and healthy ingredients, the concept of "pursuit of health and nutrition, zero burden" for the purpose of service, therefore, the "quality of the most the most perfect, the real price of" fight "

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