The business needs to show a little

do business, people are really numerous, and each customer may have a different attitude, which for the operator, perhaps every transaction is a challenge. In fact, the business to pay off a hundred passengers, hundred passengers have 100 temper. As the owner, when there are contradictions and generous, to make money.

when 100 is not assured, picking, even with unreasonable demands of customers, some of the owner could not stand the temper, inclined his eyes, on top of him, even the nail head iron head hit the spot gas to go to Mars, the customer said: "what my customers do not care you a million. A." But you know, in today’s business competitors, the competitive environment to offend customers, often losing business in the imperceptibly, so that customers can come back into other regular stores.

now, customers can not only buy goods than the quality and price of goods than three freedom. Some shopkeepers have lost customers and business, and do not even know how to lose. I think, for others a little more tolerant, more caring, more understanding at the same time, you also will be less sad, less trouble, less depressed, less quickly, reduce the consumption of gas wounding weights, increased the base of health and happiness.

I remember Rugao Dinghui Maitreya Buddha on antithetical couplet "openings will laugh day Ding ridiculous, potbellied, let the world can hardly contain the matter" is very rich philosophy. To do this, must recognize that generosity is a virtue, generous money. There must be magnanimous tolerance, broad Linqu lapel, facing the customer complaints, complaints, prick to have the heart of tolerance, backward step and resolving strategy. In accordance with Comrade Hu Jintao’s report in the 17th CPC National Congress, we should try our best to form a fair, just, honest, friendly, stable and orderly, harmonious coexistence situation.

most of the time, even if the customer is wrong, but we are operating since it is a service industry, can not be grabbed a little mistake and customer quarrel loudly. After all, and is the basis of our current market making, generous, trust is of great help to all the business operators will develop.

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