2015 inventory of the 5 most suitable for grassroots entrepreneurship projects

believe that there are a lot of people for the entrepreneur should not be very strange, at the same time, a new era in which, grassroots entrepreneurship is a social trend, now in the society as a whole, there are a lot of very good for grassroots entrepreneurial projects, next, let’s look at.

, a community station:

in the area or to open a shop, is not lost, Steamed Buns, rolls, noodles and some pasta is the staple food in our daily meals, if you open a shop in the community, community residents must be regular. Rent a store 20 – 30 to the flat house, steamed buns and noodles on the line, of course, the more the better, not enough to attend to an aunt playing. If you have more energy or manpower can also do some simple cakes and breakfast, such as soy milk, pancakes and so on

two, fresh vegetables straight for the



three, outside the district sent to the "small noodle shop"

at home or small open house features small noodle shop, but the selling point is not the noodle shop, but in delivery, so you don’t need to take a small noodle shop where people, only need a small kitchen in the can, so the store investment cost is very low, the main feature is the delivery. Store 10 – 20, 1 – 2 brother sent.

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