Braised chicken rice join fly

talking about yellow braised chicken rice, countless people may be such a regular shop. Indeed, it is now popular in China’s catering market is very high, and because of the simple operation, has been the concern of many investors, has become a big market for venture capital favored by the good business opportunities. So, yellow braised chicken rice join fly it?

2015 in May, the last piece of pure land, "Tibet" was conquered, yellow braised chicken to achieve the coverage of all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Braised chicken rice can be popular in the country, in addition to the public taste and adequate quantity, the price is very reasonable. Compared with the recent four or five years of rising food prices, yellow braised chicken rice in the case of quality and quantity, the price remained unchanged.

in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the four first tier cities, Beijing yellow braised chicken – more than 300 stores. Chaoyang District, near the city of SOHO, Beijing, there are 29 shops in the street, has been put together the 6 yellow braised chicken rice". From 2013 the sudden rise, only spent more than two years, braised chicken Steamed Rice has exceeded Shaxian County snacks and snacks in Chengdu, became the first "street fighter".

, however, the crisis has come.

with a cup of coffee to do the rhythm of a bowl of rice

"do not cook, shop to earn money." This is the "yellow braised chicken" to attract yellow braised chicken rice franchisee slogan. The slogan is simple and crude, but it does not flicker. Because the yellow chicken stew operation has really simple, holding a cup, according to the index distribution of condiments, then add chicken stew to a few minutes you can pan.

this operation with Starbucks to give us a cup of coffee almost the rhythm of the profits have to fight. In general, braised chicken Steamed Rice net profit of about 50%. Remove the labor cost, material cost and other costs, still can not lose. Simple operation, but also save manpower. Recruitment staff often can play multiple roles, do not even need a professional chef lion. It saved a small sum of money for the small bosses. In offices, schools, shopping malls, but also the distribution of large and small yellow braised chicken rice restaurant. Although the store, but rely on white-collar workers, students and other s.arvensis market, business is booming.

Beijing Chaoyang District Jintai in a yellow chicken stew, Steamed Rice "- day average will be able to sell more than and 100 copies, of which at least half. According to a portion of yellow braised chicken rice 15 yuan, 15 yuan × × 30 days =45000 yuan. Huang braised chicken’s net profit of 50%, in order to estimate, Huang braised chicken monthly income of about $23500. This is certainly attractive. However, more attractive, it may be a new model of stewed chicken rice.

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