The business of the whole Zhang Hongmin

community shops seem to have a community of customers as a guarantee, as if there is no big problem, however, only done this business will be clear. Now the competition is very fierce community shops, a careless, guests lost. Therefore, only the real attract customers, will make business hot.

Zhang Hongmin is the first community retail customers we are going to interview, his shop is located in the northwest side of Beijing village, near the main road community, surrounded by tall trees, the door is open, is a good place for leisure and rest. Although the winter is approaching, but the afternoon sun shines on the body, making people feel the warmth of spring. Also more than and 100 meters away from the store when we saw the shop in front of the shed stood, a group of people, very lively.

approached a look, a table playing mahjong, a table is in swing "landlords", there is a table in chess, each table in front of all the people in the crowd by twos and threes, sometimes pointing corner several old people sit together to chat. When we arrived, a young man playing yo drinking called the boss with two packs of cigarettes, a boss is playing chess in the process of cigarettes in the way to sell a few drinks.

that I had come, Zhang boss told us: "not to do small business, one not careful, the business will be able to" fly ". It’s better to count my business here, because I’m a funny, funny guy. Therefore, since the shop, I would like to turn the business into a residential area residents leisure.

I have three or four tables here every normal person is not playing cards or playing mahjong is playing chess is to drink tea and chat, residents of the district where the love is here Xiejiao chat way to buy something. If there is not a place to retain people, people in the process of shopping in the need to buy things, and how can we turn here. Now you see, although a bit of a waste of time, every day, but also trouble to tidy up a little, but the business is a lot better, some hard work is also worth."

of course, although this is a good idea, but after all, it is not a community supermarket can do this. For those who have enough places in the community store, may wish to take a small series introduced such business strategy, I believe in the premise of attracting more customers, business should be hot up.

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