Entrepreneurs to get rich first have a good business ideas

careful observation will find that this year, many people choose to start a business, so many people keen on entrepreneurship is indeed a good thing, but also virtually exacerbated the competition in the entrepreneurial market. In the case of fierce competition, entrepreneurs want to get rich must first have a breakthrough entrepreneurial ideas.

recommended direction

– cheap supermarket: such as 100 stores, with stores, with "low investment, low price, low cost" as the operating principle, to run a small daily necessities, to the procurement of goods directly from manufacturers, the most affordable prices to attract customers, raise commodity sales profit.

– Restaurant: breakfast restaurant, snack bar, drink bar, although a few dollars a bowl of wonton, ten yuan a cup of juice, compared with the hundreds of Yuan seafood, smaller profit margins, but due to go the civilian route, close to people’s life and consumption level, so it has a mass base broad, large market space.

– trade shop: now many of the world famous brand, especially clothing, shoes and hats, are produced in the country. In the production process there will be some unplanned products, that is, people often say that foreign trade products. The quality of these products and genuine difference is not large, but the price disparity, with a high cost, and therefore very marketable.

reminder: since the positioning to parity, must adhere to the puerile business policy, not for the pursuit of low cost and ignore the quality of goods, not shoddy, resort to deceit, otherwise it will affect the reputation of the market.

two ideas: the prominent personality

personalized concept can be divided into two kinds, one is commodity individuation, mainly young people change, grasp the characteristics of innovation, to provide personalized merchandise such as the one and only, custom clothing, jewelry design; another is the store personalized, such as emphasizing the Starbucks coffee culture, exquisite life supplies Muji monopoly products, beauty care products such as The Body Shop, these unique shops, is that consumers can have a sense of identity.

recommended direction

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