A strong cold turtle freezes in the ice and remains alive with warm water

recently Chinese south face hitherto unknown the cold wave, a lot of Southern residents raised in the water turtle are goldfish frozen in the ice, but most of the animal in the water after the thaw survived.

cold snap

tortoise goldfish into a lump of ice

not only is the tortoise is frozen, there are a lot of friends that goldfish are frozen. Netizen "Cupid" is the Zhejiang Lishui person, she in the micro-blog map and with the text: yesterday morning found the fish is frozen, goldfish are embedded in the ice, like animal specimens.


a tortoise and goldfish are frozen, users are more concerned about how to save them. Some netizens said that as long as the ice will be opened with hot water, frozen turtles and goldfish can survive. But does this approach work?

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