Commodity prices should be clearly marked in retail operation

said the price tag, a lot of retail households may disagree, think this is a big supermarket talent thing, the reason why the retail store will become a retail store, often because the price can be more free. As everyone knows, if you hold such a business philosophy, will only allow customers to shop less and less, and thus affect the long-term operation of the retail store.

price tag is one of the most basic common sense in the retail business, but also a relatively easy to ignore the details of daily management. Some retail customers is that as long as they do not charge, do not deceive customers, clearly not enough, the price is not the price of no great importance at all. In fact, the price tag is a symbol of the integrity of the store business, it is directly related to the quality of the store and the level of operation and management.

in particular, some retail friends in the cigarette business, there will always be a cigarette label messy, can not do a smoke a yard phenomenon. Even the lack of awareness of the retail price of the price tag, can not protect the good cigarette labels, and sometimes just put a good label, and soon was torn up by children and others. All these are not conducive to the sale of cigarettes. The price tag can prevent retail customers from competing with each other, such as low price, low price dumping and other unfair competition behavior. At the same time, it is conducive to retail customers to establish a good reputation, so as to effectively promote the establishment of the integrity system.

in particular, cigarette retail price tag, not only can enhance the transparency of the retail price of cigarettes, but also to further increase the sales revenue and profitability of retail customers, maintaining the interests of retail customers. The most important thing is that through the cigarette retail uniform price tag, so that consumers can have a clear understanding of the various types of cigarette sales price, truly clear consumption.

there is a need to pay attention to the details, that is whether you store size, regardless of the salesman is the couple or recruiter, external price of all personnel must agree, don’t a price today, tomorrow a price. Acquaintance a price, a price, so that not only the impact on their own store profits, but also to the reputation of their own shops adversely affected. I still remember one thing last year.

that day, an old customer came to my shop to buy an electric blanket. As an old customer, I sold 15% off on the basis of the retail price. A few days later, I was married to his son to drink wedding, let love keep shop. When she came back, she told me that she had an electric blanket. I didn’t care. The second day, a middle-aged man holding a kind of Gu angrily out of the first day to buy the electric blanket to return. I asked him if there was a problem with the quality, could you change it for another one?

he refused to say: "do not change, is returned. I have not seen you do so, Pharaoh bought electric blankets than I bought a lot cheaper. The same as the two kind of people, people see dishes." Listen to the customer

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