Fujian how to fully control the problem of arrears of wages of migrant workers

in life, we can often see a lot of black households, malicious seizure of wages of migrant workers, migrant workers have encountered many problems in life. How to effectively prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon is very worthy of attention! Now we understand, Fujian how to fully control the wages of migrant workers in arrears?

provincial government office on the full implementation of the implementation of the views of the issue of wages of migrant workers in arrears, issued yesterday, the province will be fully dealt with the problem of arrears of wages of migrant workers, and establish and improve the system of wage payment security.

in accordance with the regulations, the province will establish and improve the wage payment security system, improve corporate wage margin system. The implementation of the wage guarantee system in the construction of municipal, transportation, water conservancy, railway, power and communication infrastructure construction field, will gradually expand the scope of wage arrears prone to other industries.

establish wage margin differential deposit method, for a certain period of time did not occur in arrears of wages of enterprises to implement measures to reduce the occurrence of wage arrears in the appropriate increase in the proportion of deposits.

on the creation of "no wages project department" activities and the effect is obvious, there is no problem of wages and group incidents of construction enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation of incentives. Explore the implementation of the owners guarantee, bank guarantees and other three party guarantee system, the introduction of commercial insurance mechanism to ensure the payment of wages of migrant workers.

at the same time, the province will implement the government wages Emergency Revolving Fund system. City, county (city, district) people’s government two levels to improve and implement the wages emergency revolving fund system, explore the establishment of wage guarantee fund system, the people’s Government of a township (street) also has the condition to raise a certain scale of wages Emergency Revolving fund.

hard to solve the problem of wage arrears of enterprises or business owners escape, disposal in accordance with the law at the same time, timely use of wages emergency revolving funds and guaranteed payment of wages or through other channels to raise funds, advance salary or basic living expenses. Conditional areas to increase the scale of wages on the Emergency Revolving fund.

into arrears of wages blacklist may affect corporate finance loans

the establishment of wage arrears enterprise "blacklist" system, the serious dishonesty information into the Fujian public credit information platform, the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Fujian), the people’s Bank credit evaluation system of enterprise credit system and industry departments, by various departments according to the law to the public, be limited to government financial support, government procurement, bidding, production license, performance guarantee, quality audit, financing, market access, Pingyoupingxian etc., the formation of an illegal everywhere limited, Joint Disciplinary pattern, improve the cost of illegal credit.


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