Car jewelry store business opportunities you see it

with the development of society, and now the car race team is getting bigger and bigger, the car market is also getting more and more prosperous, more personalized jewelry home in the car, the achievements of a beautiful landscape.

The status of

the front windshield sitting under a panda, a big teddy bear on the back seat, Snoopy car body on the stick, the seat is Mickey mouse…… Whoever sits on Miss Polo’s will be attracted by the decorations in her car. In contrast to the history of Miss Tang, bought a new corolla but derided as very rustic. The reason is only hang a car "May you be safe throughout the journey." pendant, his friends think he is not fashion, not enough personality. Personalized car accessories are more and more loved by the car owners, and like the history of the car can also be seen everywhere. For a time, car accessories seem to have become a car owners, especially the new darling of the young consumer groups.

Said the individuality and the characteristic management of both

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