Baokang County Public entrepreneurship rephoenix plan implementation

is now the country are actively implementing some and public entrepreneurship related business plan, the purpose is to promote the social public enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, in Hubei Baokang County has started public entrepreneurship "rephoenix plan".

is "rephoenix plan" will focus on the implementation of the five actions: entrepreneurial atmosphere "spring thunder action", "entrepreneurship training point by the action", "incubator Yuying action", "pilot action" to help entrepreneurs and venture capital "take-off action", so that there is a dream, the willingness and ability of all kinds of market the main business of a duck".

to carry out various forms of entrepreneurship education

"rephoenix plan" proposed to carry out a wide range of entrepreneurial awareness education activities, coordination of various colleges and universities will occupation entrepreneurship training into the teaching content. In the county to start business night classes, organized entrepreneurship class, select outstanding teachers to start the work of entrepreneurship awareness education and entrepreneurship knowledge. Take a variety of forms to send entrepreneurship training into the streets, into the community, into the countryside, enhance the entrepreneurial awareness of workers, urban and rural workers to guide the initiative.

The introduction of

simulation training

for the population characteristics of entrepreneurial aspirations, carried out according to the classification of the training; to meet the needs of economic development in line with Baokang Baokang, "ecological tourism" and "tourism agriculture and industry to develop in the direction of entrepreneurial training; adapt to economic restructuring needs to carry out the" Internet + ", e-commerce, new service industry etc. a new form of entrepreneurship training. The entrepreneurship training and skills training, entrepreneurship project promotion, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship Bangdai, entrepreneurship support policy implementation are combined to promote entrepreneurship training tracking service, improve the accuracy of entrepreneurship training, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

business gathering area construction

with Baokang its own advantages and characteristics, through the integration of resources, policy making way to build a business platform. Relying on the market, the market, and Hongkong Kang Fu Chong City building materials market, farmer cooperatives and other local industrial parks, professional markets, new office buildings, streets, communities, villages and towns and villages, forming a distinctive business gathering area, entrepreneurs gathered to guide all kinds of special business park, the annual selection of naming a group business gathering area. Strive to 2017, Baokang mass demonstration base business incubator has reached 1-2. By the end of 2016

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