Famous venture capital fund settled in Hefei to support the central city of entrepreneurship

rapid development in eastern China, while the western region has also received a lot of exclusive policy support, while the central region seems to have been no improvement, the rise of the target has not yet been achieved. The new management activities has become very important opportunity in the rise of central region.

entrepreneurial projects get VCs favor is an invisible smoke of war, and venture capital in the domestic layout is a silent battle. In the 1 years since the establishment, founded by the New Oriental founder Yu Minhong and domestic senior investment banker Sheng Xitai Hong Tai joint fund, to select a landing in Hefei began to outline layout in the first-tier cities outside the capital.

if Hong Tai has been basically completed in the segments of the industry layout, then set up in Hefei, Hong Tai (in an) innovation space is its distribution in the geographical space extension. It is understood that this innovative space by Hong Tai innovation space (Beijing) venture capital company, Anhui Province in the valley of science and Technology Park Company, Hua Bai (Anhui) equity investment fund management company jointly build.

in Hefei Lazi, marking the Hong Thai fund from outside first-tier cities and hot city, began the layout of the domestic key areas. Sheng Xitai said, Anhui Province on the "double" enthusiasm and specific measures, is one of the decisive factors that they decided to "sink". Previously, in first-tier cities, Hong Tau in Chengdu Lazi an innovative space last year, its representative in the western region of the layout.

Sheng yesterday told Anhui daily interview that the Hittites, Anhui province in recent years into the regional development of the Yangtze River Delta, a big leap, to venture to provide a good economic and market environment. Hefei as the capital city of the country’s fastest growing, in talent, capital and technology agglomeration forces are enhanced, and the introduction of our province venture capital support policy is very specific, "I have not seen any province in China there are so fine". He said that the government guided venture capital funds and institutions into the domestic advanced Anhui sincerity and motivation is the emotional factors in their selection of lazi. Coupled with a large number of universities and other research institutions to provide scientific research environment and technological innovation, is now an indispensable element of innovation and business elements.

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