Children’s toy store business to grasp what magic weapon

is not good at doing business, however, as long as we can grasp the relevant magic weapon, the success of the business will be faced with greater probability. Children’s toy store customer groups are special, although the children’s toy store all the goods of the end users are small friends, but to face the customer but most of them are these children’s parents, therefore, in the process of operation, should try to attract the eyes of the children, but also make their own shop with the parents of the children taste. The two seem to be some contradictions, but only to master the following three children’s toy shop in the magic, you can make your shop greatly welcomed by parents and children.

1, shop style to attract enough

children’s toy store shop style mainly from the decoration and store signs and other places. Store decoration to the visual impact, to attract children to stop and enter, more easy to be parents for children, and the visual impact does not have to design fancy, bright colors and simple and generous, but according to the children’s aesthetic characteristics is a more economical way.

at the same time simple to have their own shop style, whether it is a huge Logo or cartoon image, we must strive to make people remember at the first glance. Children’s toy store can not be too delicate, but must give the impression of people who have been impressed. It is recommended to use a bright monochrome paint the entire shop front, the sign is a great Logo, can be designed into a huge cartoon characters holding signs, it will be easier to impress.

children’s toy store shops can be based on the casual style of the main, with a simple large shelves of goods, which can save the warehouse space. To separate the commodity level, the higher grade on the glass showcase, can be expensive, as is to store up the scene (but it is fine, one or two is good, it is best to have a collection of meaningful toys, such as limited edition), with a small promotional toys on a grass basket for a class container, unified price, the rest of the bookshelf.

2, children’s toy store customer management

children’s toy store customer management is an essential step in the operation. Children’s toys store customer management is divided into the development of new customers and maintain old customers in two parts. At the beginning of the operation of the store to consider the preparation of a certain number of membership cards (such as: Shop limited edition 50 or so) to reward the initial support of the guests, these cards should be more favorable than the future card. As for the purchase of goods (no amount limit), enjoy the membership card after the future than a little more discount (as opposed to 10 percent off cards, a card can hit 20 percent off), and the members look to design beautiful, emphasizing the special significance at this time of the membership card.

In addition to

, the integral system is also a children’s toy store

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