90 college students earn 1000 a day on campus

college buddy knows the University’s spare time is considerable, some people use the extra time to play out, there are people who use this time to make money in the campus business income than the average office worker is much higher, to talk about today is such an inspirational story, a a 90 students agent in the campus, one day earn 1000!

who is said to be 90 percent after the decadent and corrupt generation, who is said to be 90 percent of the children are not practical and capable, so you have seen 90 after college students, entrepreneurship, campus restaurant. No one would think that after 90 will be independent to entrepreneurship, then we take a look at the following 90 students how to venture.

"Hello, Hello, what would you like to eat, we have a long – term soup is cooked for 3 hours." Nose on a pair of black glasses, a face of Wen Qi Fan Hongwei took the menu, with a tray in the shop busy. He is a junior at the Nanjing Forestry University, and is also the owner of the restaurant, a long and delicious restaurant. Since February 29th, every day at noon, admiring students will store packed.

he is a small shop owner to decorate the room very elegant

around 12:30 noon, nalinda delicacy Street Xiang Zhang Yuan a delicious long fast food franchise in the Chinese and Western restaurant door, lined up. Listen to the students recommended that the environment here is good, the rice is delicious, but not expensive." A queue of students said. This only more than and 20 square meters of small facade room, can accommodate only 21 people sitting. Do not look at the cramped space, but there are patterns of interior decoration, beige wallpaper, soft lighting, wall paint around the glass, the overall environment is quite elegant.

as a result of the business is still in the trial stage, there are only seven or eight kinds of delicious long food fast food stores, such as radish ribs rice, chicken burger, corn, rice, ribs…… Prices ranging from $10 to $12. "We have 3 hours of delicious soup." In the face of every one of the guests, the owner of the shop are enthusiastically recommended Fan Hongwei, I came to the end of a class, more people at noon, I have to help put the handle."

polymer nalinda professional Yao Lizheng is the second time to shop for dinner. 10 dollars to eat a delicious nutritious package, affordable." He was a college student teacher nalinda behind him in micro-blog, delicious fast food stores’ long boss Fan Hongwei also has an identity – social work, School of humanities major nalinda. Last November, he began to get together to open my own restaurant.

in February 29th this year, the store opened. In order to save popularity, Fan Hongwei also for each customer to provide a small pendant, where recommended

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