College students gradually become the protagonist of entrepreneurship training

government in order to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training courses opened. Due to the current age of young entrepreneurs, many universities have become the main force of entrepreneurship, has become a major participant in entrepreneurship training courses!

Two years working experience in

and after graduation, also let Mr. Bao accumulated certain social experience and human resources, laid the foundation for himself when the boss.

– change the entrepreneurial intention of college students has been increasing year by year

in many college student entrepreneurs, and Mr. Bao is not in a similar idea. In this regard, Wang Daming also said that now the entrepreneurial intentions of college students than in previous years, a lot of strong.

in the training of staff, entrepreneurship training class opened at the beginning, students in college students is very rare. The first training class of students, 25 students in half high school or secondary technical education students, 2 junior college students, undergraduate students only 1. And now, the proportion of highly educated students is gradually increasing.

– recommended before the employment experience of entrepreneurship

although the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college students hold a positive attitude, but director Wang Daming or the students entered the sea has made two suggestions:

A, compared with campus, society is very cruel, to college students must do good hardship hard psychological preparation, at the same time, the school should also strengthen the employment guidance of university students; second, entrepreneurship is not a safe haven, college students should not be a gate of entrepreneurship, but should first employment, and venture capital accumulation social experience.

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